Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fiction Music Video is a hit Thanks to Kolon Sports

After the music video was released after a week, BEAST's 'Fiction' already exceeded 130 million views in public broadcast and sweeps the music cable charts thanks to Kolon Sports.

The music video became a hot interest because of BEAST's fashion.In the 'Fiction' music video, Lee Kikwang was in a black vest that exposes his arms that emphasizes his masculinity with Yong Junhyung who wears a black vest with a white round [neck] t-shirt that shows a simple yet stylish style. On the other hand, Yoon Doojoon and Jang Hyunseung wore black jackets that was decorated with many zippers that shows their tough charms. But these jackets is a one-of-a-kind item. 'The Touchable Jacket' of Kolong Sports was introduced through BEAST's music video, is made from a material of comfortable cotton that is soft to the touch and this stylish casual jacket has detachable sleeves and pockets. With this detachable function, different styles can be made on the members and can even be worn with a vest.

This fashion, a product of Kolon Sports, BEAST wore in the music video became a focus of adoring fans and they investigate about the product, and through SNS channel, Kolon Sports's 'BEAST Jacket' became a hot issue that spreads rapidly.

Kolon Sports Marketing Director, Park Seunghwa said, 'Kolon Sports's travel line is having a collaboration for the season launching with French designer 'Jean Kolonna' as an outdoor line that is functional yet fashionable that emphasizes more on the features. It is unlikely for idols to go outdoor and it has become a hot topic as it shows a smart and independent side, even 10 teenagers notify that the brand is good possibility.

CREDITS: Goodday sports; b2strising

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