Tuesday, June 21, 2011

“Immortal Song 2″ airs episode #3

Even in the withdrawal announcements this past week, KBS’s “Immortal Song 2” has broadcast its 3rd episode on June 18th with its all-idol cast!
Yoseob announced his withdrawal from the show due to conflicting schedules with their Japan promotions.
IUSuper Junior’s YesungSHINee’s Jonghyun also all announced their withdrawal from the show one after another earlier, citing conflicting schedules.
The show will go on regardless of the events that happened, but for the 3rd episode, the only new face will be SECRET’s Song Ji Eun, who replaces IU. This will be Yesung, Jonghyun,and Yoseob’s final episode before leaving.
“Immortal Song 2″ will have each contestant sing unique covers, just like on “I Am a Singer“, however there will be no eliminations to challenge them. The six castmates will instead battle for pride, as the first place winner will be judged by a 200-member audience. Not only that, but they’ll also receive priceless pointers and tips from the original artists of the songs they cover.
Their mission for this episode was to remake a Boohwal hit song.
Check out Yoseob's last performance for the show:


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