Thursday, June 2, 2011

BEAST Goes Head to Head with 2ne1 in SBS Inkigayo

In the last Episode of SBS Inkigayo on May 29, BEAST, who is currently promoting their hit single "Fiction" went to battle 2ne1's Lonely for the crown. BEAST has already won the awards for the other two musical variety shows during the week and many were also expecting that would win it for this show.

Unfortunately, to show's surprise, they lost to 2ne1 which created a little chaos over the net between B2UTIES and BlackJacks (2ne1 fans). 

YoSeob even tweeted the B2UTIES not to be sad as they believe they will be able to get it next time. Dongwoon tweeted the same thing promising B2UTIES that they will be coming hot the following week. 

During the promotion of their song "Beautiful", a few months ago, BEAST was able to snatch one Inkigayo crown unexpectedly. Their first and only Inkigayo award.

On their way home:

The Fiction Performance:

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