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YoSeob Sings "Mama" in Immortal Song 2

The premier episode of the Immortal Song 2 went on air last Saturday, June 4. This is the show which replaced 100 Points Out of 100 in which Yoseob is part of the regular cast.

In Immortal Song 2, the celebrity competing together with the likes of IU, Super Junior's Yesung, Shinee's Jonghyun, 2AM's Changmin, Sistar's Hyorin and of course Yoseob were set to battle each other by singing songs of their choice. They will not be eliminated from the show but there will be a declared winner for the week. The challenge here is how they will be able to please the guest veteran singer who will be giving them his/her judgement and also tips by way of their rendition of the song they have chosen.

In the first episode, it was veteran singer Shim SooBong who came and they performed in front of her. During the whole episode, their preparations including voice lessons and rehearsals were shown individually. Yoseob, though with a very tight schedule as he was currently promoting with BEAST  for their first full length album was seriously focused on the piece he has chosen which is "Mama"

Here is a short interview on him and his performance of the song:


Yoseob: When I first… When I first told my mom I wanted to become a singer, she opposed the idea strongly because… it’s not an easy route to be honest. As I was listening to this song… When I first heard the song, I made a promise to myself to my mom that I would sing it to her in the future. It originally started off as me promising this because I loved the song so much and it was just a really good one but when I promised this, that was the first time my mom really began to support this idea. She worried a lot about me at first but she told me…. She told me she would wait for me. She said she would wait until the day came that I would sing this for her. This is a song that I really wanted to sing.
“I met you for the first time
And as soon as I met you, I cried…
Was it because I was happy? 
Or was it because I was sad?
I don’t even remember…

Because I had nothing to offer you
I just received from you instead…
And at that time
I didn’t even know to be grateful
I lived all this while without knowing anything

Mother, my mother
Why do these tears fall?
The most precious person
More beautiful than anyone else
You are…
You are my mother

Although I cannot remember 
The first moment I met you
I’ll remember the last moment
Until the day I die

To you 
Who loved every part of me

Mother, even if I just call you
Why does it hurt my heart so? 
Even after you’ve given me your all
You are so disappointed
That you can’t give me more
What can I give to a mother like you

Mother, my mother
Why do these tears fall?
The most precious person
More beautiful than anyone else
You are…
You are my mother

You are…
You are my mother”

Yoseob: I felt proud. Because this was a song I really wanted to sing to my mom, the whole time I was singing, I could only think of my mom. When we debuted… As well as every time we released an album, I think that my mom cried every single time. If she was sitting amongst the audience, I think… I think she would’ve cried a lot…
Yoseob’s Mother: After being able to hear this song…. I feel so proud… And… I’m so glad he grew up to be such a good person. There was so little I could do for him… The fact that I can see such good results after seeing him work so hard without rest… I’m so glad… He’s admirable, I’m so proud of him

Yoseob was really a son who is very close to his mom, so it was really a good chance that he was able to  finally perform this song live in a show. 
In the wrap-up Hyorin won the week's competition with the song Carnival.

CREDITS: Jessica of b2utiesloveb2st; CarrotShow100; KBS2

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