Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dongwoon Writes a Thoughtful Post on His Birthday

B2ST is widely known for their respectful manners, but netizens were once again stunned by how courteous and thoughtful the boys are of other people.

Maknae Dongwoon’s birthday is on June 6th, which is also Korea’s Memorial Day. Dongwoon has been receiving countless birthday gifts and messages of congratulations from both fans and fellow stars.

While he certainly appreciated the love, the idol took to his Twitter to write, “I don’t know whether I’m deserving of such love. What’s more important than my birthday is the fact that it’s Memorial Day. Please remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country and thank them.”

Fans replied, “Son Dongwoon, such a respectable post!”, “Thank you for being born”, “Dongwoon, you have such deep thoughts”, and “Yes, let’s not forget those who sacrificed themselves for us.”

CREDITS: allkpop; mydaily; naver

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