Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hyunseung Finally Starts a Twitter Account

With all the 5 members of BEAST using twitter, a lot of B2UTIES were wondering why the lone member Hyunseung puts up with just his YOZM. Fans have been tweeting the other members and even their managers to convince Hyunseung to finally use twitter. But for a longtime there was no luck.

Until ACUBE Director Choi Jin Ho finally tweets and announced on June 3 that finally Hyunseung has decided to finally open a twitter account. Most probably it was Mr. Choi or the members were the ones who convinced him. 

So in the afternoon of June 3, Hyunseung finally took the time to ask his members to help him sign-up. And here is his first tweet. 

In just a matter of minutes. Jang Hyunseung and his twitter account name is already trending worldwide. And he already got followed by almost 20,000 people in one night. Currently, he has almost 60,000 followers and he only just twitted around 40 messages.

Truly this is a dream come true for his thousands of fans and all B2UTIES. 

Welcome to the twitter world, Prince Jang...

CREDITS: doublevv89

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