Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Son Ilrak's Cyworld Update

Hull~ A dance group winning 1st place with a ballad?

BEAST won 1st place with a ballad on public broadcasting~~~
I'm feeling ultra good that BEAST is someone getting recognized by fans
For their vocals.

Although it is unreasonable to compare BEAST with the heartfelt sunbae singers on I am a Singer
Who sing with their souls but~~~

At least BEAST will continue to work hard for their l
loving fans~~~
I strongly wish that BEAST will become the hope and dreams for B2UTYs who they call their hearts and love so dearly.

In addition, I know more than anyone that
Each and every member of BEAST is humble.

However, traditionally, the more rice is cooked, the more it's head is down.
Also, even if no one pays attention to it, an awl always comes out of it's pocket.

Boyfriend rock thighs~
Beautiful and graceful Ran-restless (I'm sorry for using a nickname you don't like Hyunseung-ah)~
USA dance founder in charge of upper body Kwangkwangie~
EconomyBbulmon*, needs to sell quickly, fat tongue Junhyung~
Peek-a-boo here and there, face is about to go extinct, out there idol Seobseob-ah~
Since birth, the best Arab old looking face idol, out of this world bragger (Why is that woman saying I look pretty) Dongwoon-ah~**

You know right?
Alright. After winning 1st place, you must behave more humbly, more sincerely, more honestly.
This means you cannot forget the days when you silently cried in the dark practice rooms when people called you a recycled, never seen or heard about group.

Also, fans~~~
Celebrate as much as you want the miracle that you guys have made today~~~^^
And receive lots of energy from BEAST.

However, while you celebrate you know that you must consider the feelings of other groups and their fans right?
This means you should never make anyone feel hurt or compare with others.
This is from the mature one with a generous heart.

CREDITS: Son Ilrak's Cyworld; B2STRISING

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